Our Prerolls

Our prerolls are made from organic, ultra-premium cannabis. We use beyond organic inputs that we make on the farm,  and we never use pesticides of any sort. We foster an ecosystem that enables the strongest and healthiest plants.


Each pack contains 3 Prerolls, and for each pack sold, $0.25 is donated to a California charitable organization. #BLGivesBack


Bob Saget

Pre-98 BubbaKush x Afghani

Bob Saget is a stimulating sativa that won 2nd place at the 2016 Colorado Cannabis Cup. This addled comedian gets the heart pumping, stimulating the consumer to the point of agitation. But fear not, the energy subsides and settles into an uplifted, cerebral haze that is lucid, yet spacey. As this strong sativa fades, expect a stoney crash that represents Saget’s latent Pre-98 Bubba Kush and Afghani genetics. 


Bob Saget Angle Joints_edited.jpg

Phunky Lemon Donut

GG4 x OG 99

Dreamy and pure. Funky Lemon Donut is a drill down into your spiritual and for just a moment more, your secrets are all clear. The lemon zest appears and disappears all at once spinning and twisting a veneer of warm glycerin down from the top of your head, further to the very tip of your toes. A gorgeous trip into your mind, Funky Lemon Donut is an intellectual stone that makes for a wonderful inner cinema without need for a plane ticket to a far-off place. 

-Warren Bobrow (author & Forbes contributor) 


Gogi OG

Nepali OG x Snow Lotus

This is richly textured cannabis in the mouth leading into pools of sweet stone fruits and bittersweet chocolate pudding dripping slowly across the back of a spoon. Luscious and juicy across the body and the mind. This is intellectual cannabis that alleviates all ills, real and profoundly imaginary The nose is petrol and skunk leading into chopped French herbs, tarragon, thyme, rosemary then all at once celery stalk and jalapeño pepper jam.

-Warren Bobrow (author & Forbes contributor) 


Wedding Crasher Angle Joints.jpg

Wedding Crasher

Wedding Cake x Purple Punch

Produced by Symbiotic Genetics, Wedding Crasher is a beautiful cross of Wedding Cake and Purple Punch. By mixing the smooth vanilla flavors of Wedding Cake with the sweet grape notes of Purple Punch, Symbiotic has developed a mellow, earthy strain with sharp gassy highlights and a sweet berry finish. 




 Purple Punch  x Purple Punch

Roasted coffee beans enrobe the palate and your nose offering deeply introspective flavors of snipped herbs, cinnamon stick and toasted barley malts. The high is intellectual and wonderful for overall pain killing. Activities will cease with larger doses so plan your day accordingly. A perfect curative for what ails ye, rest is included without much trouble. The last thing you may remember is a cool cup of creamy, cinnamon tinged Horchata? Nah   

--Warren Bobrow (author & Forbes contributor) 





Thin Mint GSC x Sunset Sherbert

Freshly cut lavender from Northern California thrusting up the nostrils followed rapidly by puddles of both diesel fuel essence and apricot preserves spooned over brioche. Bittersweet chocolate swirls around the multi-minute finish dancing in circles around the back of the throat. The smoke is smooth and not acerbic. Each hit goes down smoothly and with utter reverence.

-Warren Bobrow (author & Forbes contributor) 


Cherry OG

Cherry Thai x Afghani

Richly textured with scents of sweet and tangy Washington State Cherries in the nose, leading to drier notes of tangy fruit leather and dollops of freshly whipped cream. Each nug is bursting with candy sugar and shovelfuls of rich soil. Multi-minute rips lead into fruit salad notes drying out at the end with caramel and dark chocolate across the top of the mouth. This is intellectual herb for the Grand Cru Burgundy drinker over mere box wine. Drying, intriguing, stimulating, mass smile inducing, smells like nothing I’ve ever smoked prior. Perfectly cured finish without a lick of harshness against my lungs 

-Warren Bobrow (author & Forbes contributor) 


Brotherly Love OG


Mango Wooder Ice


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