The Farm

The farm is located in the foothills of the Trinity Alps in a historic cannabis cultivation epicenter, Hayfork, CA. It is nestled in a valley at 2770 feet of elevation with a climate most similar to the Hindu Kush mountain range.
Our Philosophy

We strive to learn and mimic exisiting biological systems. We believe in only using regenerative and sustainable inputs and methods. We are conscious about every decision we make as farmers and citizens to ensure that we are reducing our footprint on mother earth.

Our Flower

Our flower is critically acclaimed and has extensive cannabinoid and terpene profiles. We foster an ecosystem that nurtures an environment where we can produce clean cannabis. We never spray our plants with any chemicals or pesticides.

Our Craftmanship

Our secret ingredient is love. We put love into everything we do. Every stage of our cultivation is done with care and diligence to bring the cleanest and best tasting prerolls to market.

Our Genetics

We source our genetics from elite breeders from around the Emerald Triangle and Pacific Northwest. We grow from both seed and clone. We are carefully select cultivars based on our climate, the genetic potential, and the medicinal properties.

Steven or Charles

PO BOX 1739

Hayfork, CA 96041


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